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Life As A Surfer

What To Do About Surfboard Dings

You got a ding in your surfboard?  Well that's ok, we'll tell you what options you have, how much they cost and how much time they take. (more...)


Life As A Surfer

Common Surfing Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Prevent common surf injuries and have a blast. (more...)


New Board Designs

Firewire Advances Flex With Direct Drive Technology

Firewire, the company known for its next generation surfboards, continue development in flex technology with more advance designs and construction. (more...)


Life As A Surfer

Crowd Control

Fed up with the hassles of surfing during the summer? Here are five ways to beat the summer crowd. (more...)



Wide Point Will Dictate Your Turning

The wide point of a surfboard can be shifted towards the front or back of a board to change the turning properties. (more...)

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