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The Mental Side of Winning

Learn the mental side of surfing with Dr. Mike Martin of the Australian Institute of Sport. (more...)


New Fin Templates

Alternative Surfboard Fins

Don't be afraid to look at alternative surfboard fin designs to find the best fin solution for your style. (more...)


Surfing History

The SURfiNDian

The SURfiNDian is anĀ art gallery and surf shop that prides itself on its ability to demonstrate surfing as an art form. (more...)



Create Your Own Surf Forecast with Stormsurf

Stormsurf Interview: Mark Sponsler created his site so you score the best waves of any swell. (more...)


New Fin Templates

Wavegrinder Rethinks Fin Design

Wavegrinder wants you to surf faster than ever before. But you must free your mind. (more...)

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