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Tell Your Surfing Friends About

Do you know any other surfers that are looking to get better?  Tell them about  They will thank you. (more...)


Intermediate Tips

Surf Faster With a Few Easy Tips

Learn what you can do to surf faster than ever before. (more...)


Article Types

Learn To Surf

Learn to surf with the beginners guide.  We cover the basics of what you need to know, need to buy and who else can help you. (more...)



The New Word on Surfboard Foam

Find out which surfboard foam today's shapers say you should be riding, polyurethane or EPS. (more...)


Fin Selection

Switch Your Fins and Change Your Ride

Tired of the same ride but don't have the coin for a new one?  Here are some easy ways to try new surfboard fins and change the way your board feels. (more...)

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