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Beginner Tips

Surf-Fitness Pop-up Training Surfers Perfect Pushup

Surf-Fitness is all about building a stronger body so you can do what makes you happy in life, and do it better...  (more...)


Life As A Surfer

Surfing Can Change Lives: The Jimmy Miller Foundation

Most surfers call it “stoke” but believe it or not, there is some real medical research that explains how surfing can be beneficial to those with disabilities. We learn more about ocean therapy with an interview from The Jimmy Miller Foundation. (more...)


Beginner Tips

How to Turtle Roll

Are you learning to surf, and wondering how on to get your longboard past the breaking waves?  (more...)


Surf Training Products

How to Beat Board Rash...With Science...

We talk with Chris from L'Ocean Labs to learn how he beat board rash...with science. (more...)



The Science of Fish Surfboards

Today is your chance to educate yourself on the science behind a fish surfboard. Find out what parts of the board gives the fish its unique characteristics. (more...)

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