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Intermediate Tips

Avoiding Surfing Mistakes With Martin Dunn: Intermediate Level

Go from good to great by learning how to correct four common mistakes in your surfing. (more...)



Materials Used to Strengthen Your Deck

Shapers are using different materials to strengthen our surfboard decks, some new and some very old... (more...)


Surf Training Products

Wave Pools & Flowboards: The Man Made Wave Sensation

Man-made waves & wave pools: The only limitations are those of the human mind. (more...)


Life As A Surfer

Surf Nutrition for the Everyman

Surf Nutrition: Eating the right foods at the right time will turn your next outing into a super-session. (more...)


Intermediate Tips

Improve Your Surfing Through Muscle Memory

Finding ways to improve your muscle memory and improve your surfing can make all the difference in your performance. (more...)

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