A description for a wave that is peak-shaped. This highest point of the crest is in the middle with left and right shoulders resembling the shape of a triangle or the letter "A".

To gain speed off a bottom turn or trimming on the face of the wave.

Accessory Man
A surfer who has every surf gear imaginable and uses it all the time.

Chemical solvent used to clean polyester resin from tools. This chemical is toxic and flammable.

How a surfer feels after an intense session or from being pummeled.

Acid Drop
When a surfer takes off on a wave and the bottom of the wave hollows and falls out. This leaves the surfer free falling down the face of the wave.

A surfing maneuver in which a surfer launches into the air off the top of the wave getting air born. A number of tricks and moves can be done in the air such as grabbing the rail of the surfboard or rotating 180 degrees.

Aerial Barrel Roll
An aerial maneuver with a 360-degree twist added in the air.

Aerial with Re-entry
An aerial maneuver with a landing on the same wave.

A feeling of annoyance of frustration or a reference to someone who is annoyed, frustrated or angry. This is usually caused from a breach in surfing etiquette. It can also be caused from a lack of surfing and moodiness.

A place close to shore where a broken wave peaks and breaks again.

Air Freak
A surfer who is awesome at aerial maneuvers

Air to Fakie
When a surfer catches air and lands with the tail of the board pointing down and sliding backwards before spinning 180 to finish off.

An art tool that sprays paint using an air compressor. Often, an airbrush is used to decorate surfboards.

A flat wooden surfboard made of wood with no fins or rocker. Originated in Hawaii with the birth of surfing.

Hawaiian word used for greeting, good byes, affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy.

Feeling stoked or charged up.

The vertical distance from still water level to wave peak. This is usually half the height of the wave.

Ancillary Stoke
Condition of onlookers when watching a surfer pull off a radical maneuver.

Angle off
Descending on the face of the wave towards the left of the right. Also called Angling.

Refers to a surfer paddling or taking off on a wave at an angle in order to ride across the face of a wave rather than riding it straight towards the beach. This is often used to prevent the surfboard from pearling and/or to make the section of the wave. Also called angle off or angled.

Ankle Slop
Small waves that are too small to surf.

Ankle Straps
Leash used to secure the surfboard to a surfer's ankle.

Artificial Reef
A man made structure submerged underwater for one or more of the following reasons. Creating quality surf. Aid in the development of an ocean ecology for marine life. Preventing beach erosion by lessening the impact of swells pushing sand away from shore.

Association of Surfing Professionals. This is the governing organization of professional surfing. ASP link

Asymmetrical Zippers
Common in new wetsuit zippers. Designed with staggered teeth to keep less water from penetrating the wetsuit.

A coral island consisting of a belt of coral reef. Partly submerged surrounding a central lagoon or depression.

Average Wave Period (AVP)
The average time between successive wave crest observed during a given time period given in seconds.

A heavy wipeout caused by a big impact of the wave on a surfer. This is also called drilled or pummeled.