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Waves 101

Point, Reef or Beach Break?

Decide if the point, the reef, or the beach is right for your next surfing session and why. (more...)


Shaper Interviews

Mark Richards: Twin Fins & Super Twins

You saw Mark Richards reinvent himself and shred on a twin fin, so learn from the man himself why it should be your next surfboard. (more...)


Article Types

Surfboard Design Guide

The elements of surfboard design contribute to the way a surfboard performs on a wave.  Here is an overview of surfboard design. (more...)


Wind and Weather

The Hemispheres and Surf

Learn the difference between Northern and Southern Hemisphere swells patterns. (more...)



The Tow-in Surfboard

The Tow-in surfboard is changing how we define performance surfing in massive conditions. Find out why. (more...)

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