Overall Rating: 6.84/10
Surftech Bear - Performance
Surftech Bear - Performance
(6 Reviews)
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TYPE: Longboards
SIZE: Length: 9' 0" to 9' 0"
Width: 22.00" to 0.00"
Thickness: 3" to 0"
MATERIAL: Sandwich Construction
TAIL: Squash
FIN: 2+1 Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Starting - Advanced
FEATURES: Technology: Tuflite
RETAIL PRICE: $1000.00
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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Surftech Bear - Performance

Manufacturer Description
9'0" Bear Performance - This board has a flatter rocker, this board goes well in anything but it will really start to shine in long, peeling waves. It works best for pointbreaks and grinding beachbreaks. It is extremely lightweight. It is equipped with a 2+1 fin set up, that has a 10'' center box and FCS sides, and has a squash tail for increased maneuverability.

Ratings and Reveiws (6 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 6.84/10
Paddling: 8.66/10
Stability: 8/10
Speed: 5.34/10
Manuevarability: 5.34/10
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1 Comment


6.5/10 By on 2010-10-10

No rocker at all. Pearl dive when wave become waist high or more.