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Getting Started Tips

Paddling Out Efficiently

The paddle out can be the most draining part of your surf session.  You have to do it once at the start and again after every wave you catch.  Extend the length of your sessions by paddling out efficiently. (more...)


Advanced Tips

Maintaining Surfing Fitness During A Dry Spell

When getting in the water isn't an option, these simple exercises will help you maintain your advanced surfing fitness. (more...)


Beginner Tips

The 10,000 Hour Rule

How many hours of surfing does it take to rip?  We applied some non-surfing wisdom to find an answer. (more...)


Surfing Accessories

Eco Friendly Surfboard Wax

As surfers, nature is our playground so we should do what we can to help protect it.  One recent development in green surfing products is eco friendly surfboard wax.  Find out how it stacks up to the wax you're used to. (more...)


New Fin Templates

Stonefish Skegs - A 3D Fin System

Stonefish Skegs introduce a third dimension to surfboard fin design with this twin fin setup designed to protrude past the rail of your board. (more...)

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