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Surf Training Products

Best Balance Trainers For Surfers

Just because you can't surf doesn't mean you can't do anything productive to help your surfing.  Indoor balance trainers can strengthen the muscles you need to surf. (more...)


Shaper Interviews

Bert Burger: Parabolic Stringers

Bert Burger has been tinkering with surfboard construction for over a decade and the results have drawn quite a lot of attention.  Learn more about his thoughts on parabolic stringers. (more...)



Why You Should Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Every surfboard has its pros and cons, find out the strengths of the stand up paddle board (SUP). (more...)


Surfing 101

How To Choose A Good Wave

Choosing the right wave to paddle for will give you a better chance of catching it and help maintain your stamina and position.   (more...)


Wind and Weather

Artificial Surfing Reefs

Artificial surfing reefs have been a topic of much speculation because of their perceived ability to eliminate scarcity.  Learn about how far we've come and what the next steps are. (more...)

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