Overall Rating: 7.22/10
Surftech Rusty - Piranha
Surftech Rusty - Piranha
(22 Reviews)
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TYPE: Fish,Shortboards
SIZE: Length: 5' 8" to 6' 10"
Width: 19.30" to 22.00"
Thickness: 2.1" to 2.75"
TAIL: Swallow
FIN: Twin Fin,Tri Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Intermediate - Advanced
FEATURES: Technology: Tuflite
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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Surftech Rusty - Piranha

Manufacturer Description
RUSTY PIRANHA - This board has a flatter entry rocker with a rounder outline,"wider nose, wider tail" to make up for the shorter length of the board. This board should be ridden 6" shorter than a performance shortboard. It also has a flatter deck which makes the rails fuller for more buoyancy for a better performance in smaller, flatter waves. It can be ridden as a tri-fin, twin fin, or with a small trailer fin, making it adaptable to all conditions.

Ratings and Reveiws (22 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 7.22/10
Paddling: 7.64/10
Stability: 7.72/10
Speed: 7.1/10
Manuevarability: 6.46/10
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10/10 By Mike on 2015-04-20



7/10 By on 2016-04-27

In the beginning, I didn't like this board, a 6'2", until I found my personal best fin set up for it. My favorite fin set for this board is the FCS MR Twin. Massive side fin, and a small center fin. I surf it as a pure twin without the small center fin and with the small center fin for more stability. Loose, skaty, and fast all around board. Board requires waves with a little more punch. Worthless in weak mushy ones, in my opinion.


6/10 By jsin on 2011-05-18

Great paddling, but too stiff for quick, snappy turns. Too much tail rocker makes it relatively slow in smaller surf. Tuflite "glass" doesn't hold wax and seems to make the board slower than poly.


7.5/10 By kim on 2014-07-01

too stiff