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Surfing Gear

Surfboard Socks, Bags & Coffins

Surfboard bags come in three main types: sock, bag and coffin.  Each has its own use, find out which one is right for you.   (more...)


Intermediate Tips

Balance: The Most Important Aspect of Surfing

Balance is one of the most important aspects of surfing.  It allows us to stay on top of our surfboards while moving or performing a maneuver.  Learn more about how balance works. (more...)


Travel Destinations

Panama Surf Camps

Learning how to surf is a rewarding experience.  These surf camps offer help from experts that teach others to surf all year long. (more...)


New Board Designs

Hydroflex Lets You Adjust Your Flex Pressure

Hydroflex surfboard technology offers surfers the ability to adjust the flex in their board by pumping air into it. (more...)


New Fin Templates

C-Drive Fins Accelerate Your Surfing

The C-Drive fin system was designed to give advanced surfers increased acceleration and drive.  Find out how they work. (more...)

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