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Is a Fish Surfboard Right For You?

Thinking about a fish for your next surfboard? Find out if the fish is right for you.  (more...)


Beginner Tips

Catch a Wave Without A Nosedive Wipe out

Learning to surf and finding yourself in the middle of a wipe out? Here are some tips to help you avoid the nosedive. (more...)


Getting Started Tips

Surf Better With the New Surf Scientist: Mike Facchin

Meet the newest addition to the team here at Surf Science, Mike Facchin, as he recalls a few tips that helped him start surfing.  (more...)


Surfing Excursions & Tours

How Surf Travel Will Make You a Better Surfer

 A friendly reminder that surf travel can reignite your stoke. (more...)


Waves 101

Science of Teahupoo

Imagine a wave that has a 20 foot face, is thick and as heavy as a building and it breaks into a razor sharp reef that is just a couple of feet deep?  (more...)

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