Overall Rating: 7.92/10
Bert Burger - Sunova Magic Carpet
Bert Burger - Sunova Magic Carpet
(7 Reviews)
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TYPE: Shortboards
SIZE: Length: 5' 8" to 7' 0"
Width: 19.50" to 24.12"
Thickness: 1.625" to 1.875"
MATERIAL: Wood,Other
TAIL: Squash
FIN: Tri Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Intermediate - Advanced
FEATURES: Technology/Materials: Sunova Construction
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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Bert Burger - Sunova Magic Carpet

Manufacturer Description
Plagued by knee to waist high soft summer waves? Don’t worry... Unsatisfied with the way traditional shortboards perform in such small surf, Sunova Surfboards spent years perfecting this small wave specialist. Feedback from Sunova Riders helped us create the Magic Carpet...a board that generates plenty of speed on even the smallest of ripples. A flatter tail rocker and the largest area of the Sunova Range creates a board that flies on nothing. A concave deck with wafer thickness gives the Magic Carpet the ability to morph under load. This means sensational spring and projection out of turns. Thin rails and a curvy performance outline ensure that the board is super sensitive when put on a rail. Step on and fly the Magic Carpet!

Ratings and Reveiws (7 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 7.92/10
Paddling: 8.28/10
Stability: 7.72/10
Speed: 8.28/10
Manuevarability: 7.42/10
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