Overall Rating: 5/10
Bert Burger - Sunova Kruiser
Bert Burger - Sunova Kruiser
(2 Reviews)
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TYPE: Longboards
SIZE: Length: 9' 2" to 9' 6"
Width: 22.50" to 23.25"
Thickness: 2.875" to 2.875"
MATERIAL: Wood,Other
TAIL: Squash
FIN: 2+1 Fin,Tri Fin
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Starting - Intermediate
FEATURES: Technology/Materials: Sunova Construction
USED PRICE: $0.00 - $0.00

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Bert Burger - Sunova Kruiser

Manufacturer Description
The Kruiser gets back to some of the more traditional design elements of wave riding. It feels solid while walking, free to trim while standing forward, and has a tail that stays where you want it. The Kruiser comes with a single fin plus smaller stabilising fins as standard, and a choice of Sunova Construction Options to create a board that feels solid to walk on and remains where it should: — The rounded-square tail is wider, giving a lot of drive and projection on even the softest of waves. — The classic ‘Phil Edwards” style, pulled-in nose creates a loose, free front end that won’t get in the way. — The Kruiser is specially designed to place more water on the tail to help hold it down as the wave spills over the deck during nose ride. The Kruiser is an easy surfing board that feels solid under foot, and is the ideal board for laid back surfers who just want to cruise and have that soulful feeling of being in tune with the ocean.

Ratings and Reveiws (2 Reviews)

Overall Rating: 5/10
Paddling: 5/10
Stability: 5/10
Speed: 5/10
Manuevarability: 5/10
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