ToobBox.com says:
I love it when a SUP snakes you and eats it right in front of you. Then you have to fend off their 100lb board and avoid getting clock in the head by their beast of a board.

FW says:
What a load of BS...

I think all this article is a great amount of shit. SUP is one of the most complete sport on water. We take waves, we sail open ocean, we downwind, we cruise. So fuck you

LOL says:
So much for the "science" part of your name. Anything that catches a wave is considered to be "surfing" the wave. I hope the author has had enough time since this was written to reconsider his ridiculous opinion.

Douchebags says:
Maybe surfers should learn to not be assholes and stop acting like they own the whole ocean. Imagine if snowboarders acted that way, or skateboarders acted that way to pedestrians where they were skating. Stop being pricks you idiots.

Wanka says:
i used to surf prone but multiple shoulder injuries have made that difficult. Paddling with a paddle allows me catch waves easily. It rehabs my shoulders. It opens up a whole new way for me to enjoy open water (with or without waves). I am conscientious of the hazard posed by the larger volume of a SUP to other surfers. I exercise caution and give others room and respect.

Science? says:
So this article can be summarised as: - 2 points that could apply to a large longboard. - 1 point about other surfers being douchebags in the lineup. - The other point being that it might not be surfing. Nice and scientific, what a crock of shit.

Geese says:
I think this article risks giving surfers a bad name as this we who are quick to judge and alienate others. Surfers hug the coast in areas with big waves and can be judemental of other watermen like the disparaging use of the term "kayaker" in this article. As a paddleboader you do not complain that there is not enough waves. Paddleboarders (SUP and prone) go past the break, across lakes, gulfs etc. Paddleboarders can navigate waterways, open water or ride waves. You can spearfish from a paddleboard and use it as a mode of transport. So can too a surfboard to be fair, its just jot the done thing in that circle. Sups use paddles and prone riders use hands to propel so if the paddle is a problem for you switch to the other style. Its really an awesome and gratifying sport.

Surfy McPaddleface says:
This is all a load of Horseshit. You truly make yourself sound like a pompous tool bag. You can Surf with a paddleboard, and depending on how big the surfboard is, you can paddle with that too. Paddleboarding is a full body workout when done correctly, and so is surfing. Both require balance and endurance. You can paddle on flats on a surf board, but its much more enjoyable on a paddleboard because you can see whats going on around you.

Ward says:
Paddling has always been the sport, surfing is just the dance. Whether your prone or standup, paddling is the sport. We are all paddlers first and foremost.

bruce bruce says:
SUPs are a fucking menace in the waves. 9/10 times its some balding middle aged kook getting caught inside, throwing their barge away. Its lethal behaviour. Damn straight they get hostile treatment in the lineup. You wanna go paddle out to sea, or long distance around a lake then fine. But do us a favour and keep it off the waves.

Bring the pain says:
Learning curve after 30 years of surfing was painful... All in about a year on separate occasions: Three broken ribs, knocked out w/concussion, broke a tooth, cracked my jaw. Small surf was more dangerous. Point: Learning is dangerous, transitioning from a short board to that much volume. Politely chase the SUPs kooks out of the line up, as they are dangerous to themselves and others. But, give the guys who got it wired some space & enjoy the show.

Steebz says:
Im a cyclist how is in supping now. I think i could have written many articels, to warn the people not to be a pedestrian at the street. Pedestrians are really a pain in the ass to cyclist. When i was younger i used to inline skate, and acording to skateboarders, wecwere the biggest crap on the planet. They owned the word skating. Now supping and surfing , has the same conflict. To bad people can not see eachother as friends, and see they are both are sport people, or outdoorlovers.. And share common nature interest.

elf says:
Haters gonna hate. Best SUP guys can surf anything better than 99 percent of the line up!!

Scott tester says:
I always like hitting the lineup and just calling out the assholes upfront. Take it to the beach, fuck up some skinny surfer dude tough guy and his buddies, light up a few faces, and then have the wave to myself. My buds don’t surf so sometimes they hide over a hill and wait for 3 or 4 to think they gonna gang up. Then we mop the place up, break a few boards, and have a great day. Nothing I can’t stand more than asshole tough guy surfers thinking they own the ocean. Hahahaha

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