Nigel says:
Hello. I was just wondering when this article was written? I need it for a science reference. Thanks

Ciaran says:
Thanks man. This was really helpful.

Doddy says:
Really helpful article to apply to my first board, thank you

Autumn says:
I love to do circle.

Rick says:
New board / rewax: Basecoat, then topcoat in light vertical strokes, reapply as needed. Combing - I find horizontal lines give incredible grip. Well written article!

James Batt says:
This is first time , I have read about Wax. There is obviously a lot to know about this. Obliviously Thanks

Don says:
Diagonal crisis cross strokes

New Joel tudor surfboards says:
How often should one wax his surfboards?

Kev Leece says:
Rotational always for me guys, covers all of the above.

Helen says:
Thanks for this, helpful for my first wax.

Joel says:
Loved it thank ya very much, still a new surfer an am glad for the help

Neal says:
Thanks, very much for the information, but I have another question. Do you need to wax a Wavestorm board?

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